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We all have an interest - nay, a responsibility - in salvaging the commons from the corporations that would turn a profit without regard for the resources that belong to all of us. We can do our part by helping each other create new opportunities for "green" growth and development, while defending and protecting natural beauty and resources. Help yourself, help each other, help the Earth! What are you doing right now?

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"As you pass through this world, wittingly or unwittingly, whoever you are and wherever you be, you leave a trail behind you... Others will notice and may follow it. It may be one that leads them to good or it may lead them astray. That depends on you. You may blaze it on the trees for them to see, or you may be making footmarks quite unconsciously, footmarks which are, nonetheless, traceable in the sand... In either case it is well to remember that you are leaving tracks of some sort, and therefore, by directing your steps aright, you may lead others in the right direction also."

- Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts (1923)


Mankind's first responsibility was to care for the garden.
- Genesis 2:15 (Dr. Alex Shigo in Tree Pithy Points)

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Please Have A Very Green Day!

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