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I created the Web sites linked to these logos from scratch, with a variety of purposes and showing wide differences in style, and they have in common that they are ONLINE and cost their owners NOTHING. Please pay each of them a visit! And... what can I do for you?

So what constitutes "environmentally friendly" or "green"? You know if you are!

Mankind's first responsibility was to care for the garden.
- Genesis 2:15 (Dr. Alex Shigo in Tree Pithy Points)

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Please Have A Very Green Day!

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Give me your great ideas for a great Web Site, or listen to mine, and I will start it up for free!

NEW GREENSITE: Imagine you want a beautiful, colorful, informative Website to tell the world "Here I Am!" and tell them what you are, what you offer, what you can do for them. You may imagine this will cost you thousands of dollars. NO! A simple site setup can be a GIFT - if you are 'green"! If you haven't got a Website yet, I WILL HELP YOU: