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Then you ARE a progressive kid. Be an example for kids AND adults by showing these very GREEN behaviors! - from Green Goat Books (see below).


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Go Green Initiative
TEACHERS! Check out GREENSCHOOLS: Go Green Initiative hopes to create a culture of environmental responsibility on school campuses. Schools that model and teach principles of environmentally responsible behaviors to students will have a long-term impact. Get'em while they're young!

Green Guardian The Green Guardian: Recycling and waste management games and ideas for kids.
Make a Difference Be different, live different, buy different!: You have the power to make a difference!
Green Goat Books Green Goat Books for Progressive Kids with the seven progressive values.
Kids for Forests Kids for Forests: Map game and information about helping save the last ancient forests. A GreenPeace site.
Act Green Act Green: Scholastic online magazine for greeniacs, "keeping it green with kid power."
Planet PA Planet is an environmental education site for kids from GreenTreks Network, Inc. of Philadelphia.
Progressive Kids Green Goat Books is a division of Progressive Kids: "unique planet-friendly gifts for children and babies."
Green Sites for Kids List of "greensites" for kids including the GoGreen Man, Kids do Ecology, and "the Yuckiest Site on the Internet."
Green Garden Gang Green Garden Gang: "It's OK to play with your vegetables." Fun site with sound effects and smart stuff about fruits and veggies.